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Underfoot Inc. Surface Restoration

Under Foot Surface Restoration started out as a family run business in the sunny environs of Orange County, California during the late 1950s. When we began, our mantra was the age old adage, “A stitch in time, saves nine” and “Any job worth doing, is worth doing well.” With proper service, maintenance, and care, our founders believed that costly restoration and refinishing of natural stone surfaces could largely be avoided. Always committed to blending age old craftsmanship with the newest technologies and products, Under Foot Surface Restoration is proud to be at the forefront of advancements in Stone, Tile, Concrete, and Epoxy care.

Now that we’ve entered the 21st Century, Under Foot Surface Restoration retains its commitment to that old-world attention to detail, while employing next generation techniques, machinery and products our founders could only have dreamed of. The end result is a finished product that rivals any currently available, in both appearance and durability.

Moreover, our commitment to using green products whenever possible, help reduce the footprint we leave behind, assuring that we are as natural as the natural surfaces we work on. We all must do our part, in ways both large and small, to leave this beautiful blue orb as clean as we found it, for the enjoyment of generations to come. Let Under Foot Surface Restoration be your avant guardian for showroom quality floors.



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